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Support for Artspace Independent Living Inc. 


S.A.I.L is a unique home care program designed to assist people with physical disabilities. 

This program is supported and funded by Alberta Health Services.

S.A.I.L is able to provide 24 hour support to members of Artspace Housing Cooperative. Members are able to receive care that would otherwise not be possible in their own home. All members who would like the use of S.A.I.L services require approval and authroized care hours by their case manager with Alberta Health Services.

Health care aids assist members with their daily activities of home living, personal care, meal preparation, laundry and light housekeeping. The program Director administrates, schedules and supervises all services and employees.

SAIL Board of Directors

The S.A.I.L Board of Directors is self-governed and self-directed. 

55% of the Board volunteers are required to be S.A.I.L users. 

"Care with us, not for us"

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